Adult Hockey

Sticktime 12:40 - 2:40pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • $10 per skater
  • Must be 18 years old to participate in Adult Stick Time
  • Full protective gear required


2018 Adult Summer Hockey Clinics

The ICE is hosting clinics to help improve your skating and overall hockey skills

June 4 - July 30

Monday Clinic:

6:50 pm - 7:50 pm


Clinics: 8 weeks for $160 or $25 drop in

Register Online


2018 Adult Summer Hockey League

The ICE is hosting a beginner summer hockey league for those looking to get involved in the game by competing with players of your skill level

June 10 - July 29

The league will last 8 weeks starting June 10

All games will be on Sundays*

*No games will be on July 1


$160 or $30 drop in

Register Online

If you are doing the package deal you must call or do it in person.



For information on Adult Hockey Leagues please contact  The Atlanta Amateur Hockey League (AAHL)